Community Green Kleening
  • Green Kleening Tip #4

    Pre-treat stains for better results

    Effectively pre-treat stains from grease, grass, food and dirt with Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner. The natural powers of grapefruit seed and orange essence combine to lift away caked-on matter without damaging your fabrics. Simply saturate the effected area before gently dabbing with a clean rag or paper towel.

  • Green Kleening Tip #3

    Soften Water & Clothes

    Prevent mineral build up on your clothes and in your washer by adding just 2 tbs of Oxygen Bleach Plus. Free of chlorine, phosphates and toxic optic brighteners, Oxygen Bleach Plus helps to soften hard water while adding extra plant-based power to your detergent.

  • Green Kleening Tip #2

    Wake Up – and Fall Asleep – Fresh!

    Sweeten your sleep area between sheet changes with Bac-Out Fresh fabric refreshers.

  • Green Kleening Tip #1

    Treat Your Drains with Care – Bac-Out® Drain Care

    Combining plant extracts with enzymes and live cultures, Bac-Out Drain Care works to prevent long-term build up to maintain a steady flow.

    For slow-moving drains:
    • Pour 8oz of Drain Care directly into drain using a circular motion.
    • Repeat 2-3 times per week or until normal flow is restored.