Soy Blends

Soy Cream Cleaner

Cleans, Shines & Protects:
Biokleen Soy Cream Cleaner effectively cleans, shines, and protects many surfaces without scratching, and without the use of toxic chemicals. It's safe and effective for linoleum, porcelain, chrome, stovetops, sinks, countertops, tub-n-tile, grout and more.

• Natural Volcanic Perlite and Lime Peel Extracts
• 99% VOC Free & Ozone Safe
• Cleans, shines and protects without scratching
• Gentle to skin

Soy Toilet Scrub

Fights Stains & Odors with Essential Mint Oil:
Biokleen Soy Toilet Scrub is gentle while the acid-free formula effectively cleans, and deodorizes tough stains and odors. Made with Soybean Oil Extract, Natural Volcanic Perlite, and Grapefruit Seed Extract, Biokleen Soy Toilet Scrub provides for a natural, non-toxic, and effective alternative.

• Free of Acids and Caustics
• No harsh fumes – gentle to skin
• 99% VOC Free
• Effectively cleans and deodorizes

Citrus Soy Solvent

Clean, Degrease, Dissolve:
Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent uses Soybean Oil Extract in place of high levels of citrus extract and petrochemicals to offer you a much safer, natural alternative that is low VOC, non-flammable, non-combustible, and gentle to skin, without sacrificing environmental and cleaning quality.

• Super Concentrated
• Multi-Purpose: All Purpose, Heavy-Duty Degreasing, Light Cleaning, and Dissolving
• Dissolves gum, wax, paint, adhesives, tar and more
• Gentle to skin

Soy Lube SL-100

Non-Toxic & Ozone Safe:
Finally…An effective non-aerosol lubricant that’s safe for you and the earth. Most petroleum-based lubricants are harmful or fatal if swallowed. Biokleen Soy Lube SL-100’s biobased formula is made entirely from renewable resources for an effective lubricant that lasts longer and is less hazardous than mainstream alternatives.

• PENETRATES stuck/slow moving parts
• CLEANS with dissolving action
• PROTECTS against corrosion and rust
• SEALS and dries out moisture