Indonesia ambon men at work

Clean for Good: Reforestation Update

Indonesia ambon men at workWe are nearly two years into our reforestation program in Indonesia and we wanted to provide an update on the work to-date. By the end of March, Biokleen will have planted more than 130,000 trees in areas of Indonesia affected by climate change and deforestation.

This past year we’ve been working with Eden Reforestation Project leading an effort to fight coastal erosion. Our program works closely with the people of Iha Village on Seram Island in Indonesia to replant mangroves and other coastal plant species. And, in turn, wildlife habitats are being restored and sustainable jobs for locals are being created. 

We are thankful for all of our Biokleen fans as it’s with your support that our efforts to Clean for Good can come true. And, as we look forward to the rest of 2019, we estimate our total number of trees planted will approach 250,000.