Biokleen Introduces New Laundry Product Sizes

Vancouver, Wash. – Feb. 21, 2011 – Biokleen strives to find new and different ways to be competitive and meet the consumer’s needs. By offering new product sizes, Biokleen is able to offer more options and convenience for the consumer, while continuing to save money with our 3X concentrated product line.

Biokleen’s new Free & Clear Laundry Powder (5 lb), Free & Clear Laundry Liquid (32 oz) and Cold Water Laundry Liquid (32 oz) also have Biokleen’s improved dosage systems that are easier to use and create more value for the consumer by reducing packaging and waste. Biokleen’s one-ounce, one-load dosage cap is currently available on all of Biokleen’s Laundry Liquid products. The efficient cap and spill-proof drain back allow for mess free laundry, creates less waste and saves the consumer money.

Cold Water Laundry Liquid: Works effectively using cold water in place of warm/hot water,

reducing the amount of energy used to wash your clothes and saving you money. Removes tough stains and odors and rinses clean, leaving no residues that can irritate skin or ruin fabrics.

Free & Clear Laundry Liquid & Powder: Fragrance free, and like all Biokleen™ products, is clear of dyes and brighteners. Effectively cleans tough stains and odors while brightening whites and colors. Rinses clean, leaving no residue on clothes.

Free & Clear Laundry Liquid/Powder and Cold-Water Formula Laundry Liquid are now available in stores nationwide.


One of the first natural cleaning producers in the nation, Biokleen was founded with a mission to provide effective and affordable cleaning options that bring results without negative effects on people or the environment. With over 20 years of industry experience, Biokleen’s unique line of over 30 cleaning products are developed in partnership with the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. All products are developed, manufactured and distributed in U.S. at the company’s sustainable Vancouver, Wash. facility. For more information, visit