Reforestation, new products and consumer engagement initiatives all planned as part of celebration

Back in the late eighties commercial cleaning product saleperson Jim Rimer had, what at the time was a “crazy” idea. What if you replaced toxic chemicals in common cleaning products with plant and mineral based ingredients? The result was Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner 2 and Biokleen was born in 1989.

Rimer, along with his daughter Cindy and, for the past 15 years, his son-in-law Barry Firth have grown the company into the third largest natural cleaning products company in the nation according to SPINSscan, a Nielsen company. The company has accomplished this by staying true to three simple criteria – the products need to be safe for families and the planet, use plant and mineral-based ingredients and provide superior cleaning power.

“We’re proud to celebrate three decades of business at Biokleen,” said Barry Firth, managing director of Biokleen. “What gives us the most satisfaction is that we’ve effectively helped influence generations of consumers to make better choices for their families and the planet.”

Flash forward 30 years and Biokleen – which was one of the first to make plant-based cleaning products – is now one of the last family-owned companies of its kind still in business today. This independence has lead the company to put its consumers first by creating 3x concentrated products that use less packaging and less energy to ship, and deliver some of the lowest cost per use currently on the market.

New Product Innovation Continues

Over its 30 years in business the company’s innovation mindset has not abated. And, in 2019 the company will launch five new products to grocery, big box and online retailers as well as it will launch an entirely new line of pet products for pet retailers across the country. The grocery-targeted items include new laundry liquids, dryer sheets, automatic dish pods and dish liquid. Additionally, the brand’s pet line (Biokleen Bac-Out® Pet) is a complete line of products helping pet parents eliminate the stains and odors only their fur babies can create.

Clean For Good™

Using wind and water offsets, and recycled content in its packaging, lowering its environmental footprint has always been at the heart of Biokleen business philosophy – a philosophy it calls Clean for Good™. In 2017, the company took its philosophy a step further by launching a reforestation effort in

Indonesia by planting 12,000 trees. Now two years later, Biokleen has planted 130,000 trees with its partner, Eden Reforestation Project. Furthermore, in the next 12 months the number of trees planted will total more than 210,000 trees in Indonesia creating wildlife habitat, sustainable jobs and helping to abate coastal erosion.

Consumers to Nominate Friends, Neighbors and Family Members for Clean for Good Grants

Biokleen is spending the year identifying people across the country who are cleaning for good in their own communities. The company is looking for nominees of people who are making their local communities a better place to live through environmental and/or social action. After the nominees are vetted, Biokleen will choose one to receive a Clean for Good Grant as well as receive a supply of its plant-based cleaning products.


Founded in 1989, Biokleen is a family-owned manufacturer of the most effective plant-based cleaning products available. By harnessing the power of nature, the company’s laundry, kitchen and household cleaners provide superior results without harmful side effects. The products are 3x concentrated to reduce packaging and shipping waste, and to provide more cost savings for families. Additionally, all of the company’s products are manufactured in its dedicated facility in Vancouver, Washington using 100% renewable energy offsets. Learn more about Biokleen and how we Clean for Good by visiting