New natural cleaning products introduced by biokleen

New Natural Cleaning Products Introduced by Biokleen

Vancouver, Wash. – Keeping a fresh and tidy home can be both affordable and safe thanks to Biokleen’s new concentrated natural cleaning products. Free of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients, the company’s new Bac-Out natural fabric refresher, bathroom cleaner and multi-surface floor cleaner offer an effective alternative to traditional cleaners.

“Our customers were so happy with the results our first Bac-Out products delivered, we had no choice but to extend the line,” said Cindy Rimer, VP of Sales and Marketing for Biokleen. “And in these tough economic times, we feel good about helping people save money by offering our longer-lasting 3x concentrated products.”

Using essential oils, fruit extracts and live enzyme-producing cultures, the new Bac-Out products attack build-up and odor until they are destroyed. The products permanently digest and eliminate build-up and odor safely and naturally, ensuring they will not return.

• Bac-Out Fresh: A natural fabric refresher that destroys tough odors, leaving behind a light fragrant aroma. Available in Lavender & Lemon-Thyme.
• Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner: Specially formulated to naturally break down and remove mold and mildew stains and odors on bathroom surfaces. Available in Lavender-Lime.
• Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner: Eliminates tough dirt, oil, grease, and food particles on floor surfaces, including laminate, tile and hardwood, leaving behind a natural sparkling shine. Available in Citrus Essence.

Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner, Bac-Out Fresh and Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner hit the shelves in late Spring of 2009 and are all available at stores nationwide.