Orders, Returns, & Exchanges

Can I order Biokleen products in bulk?

Yes! Bulk Biokleen products are sold through several local and online retail partners.

Does Biokleen manufacture any pesticides, sanitizers, or disinfectants?

No. Biokleen does not make any “kill” claims for any of its existing products either.

Privacy and Security

Does Biokleen share or sell my information?

No. We will never share or sell your personal information to any 3rd parties. Any information received through contact submission, newsletter or other media is kept confidential and secure. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Product Information, Ingredients, & Quality

Where can I obtain a list of your ingredients?

Our ingredients are on our labels. Many household cleaners do not disclose what is inside their products or use vague terms (not INCI names). Biokleen fully-discloses ingredients utilizing a third-party audit and the Personal Care Council guidelines for full ingredient disclosure. Biokleen periodically updates labels and formulations due to environmental, regulatory, technological, and availability reasons, utilizing third party audit systems and science, as well as industry guidelines for full ingredient disclosure. Trace materials can be present in cleaning product ingredients.

Do Biokleen products contain gluten, dairy or nuts?

All Biokleen products are free of gluten, dairy, and nuts. No wheat, dairy, or nuts are processed at our facility.

Are Biokleen products “biodegradable”?

All of Biokleen products are readily biodegradable.

Are Biokleen products tested on animals?

NO WAY! We have never ever tested a single Biokleen product on an animal, nor have we used animal ingredients in any formulation. In fact, our cleaners are specifically created with the littlest and lovingest among us in mind. In fact, Biokleen is a pet-friendly company!

Do any Biokleen products contain chlorine bleach, optical brighteners, synthetic colors or artificial fragrances?

No! All Biokleen products are free of chlorine bleach, optical brighteners, synthetic colors, or artificial fragrances.

Do any Biokleen products contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)?

There is an urban legend circulating on the internet in regards to the dangers of SLS, but there is no science or scientific studies that support these claims. In fact, even the American Cancer Society states that SLS is not a carcinogen on their website. There are studies that indicate that SLS can be an irritant when used in leave-on applications but there is absolutely nothing scientific indicating that SLS causes cancer. Biokleen only uses SLS in rinse-off applications, uses it only in minute quantities, and does not use SLS as a primary surfactant, but the SLS used is an effective cleaner that is 100% plant-based and readily biodegradable. Biokleen’s formulas/ingredients have been third-party reviewed for environmental and human safety as well as for efficacy. Biokleen has SKUs with and without SLS.

What does the number/code on the bottom of each product represent?

The numbers printed on the bottom of Biokleen products is an internal coding method to track products manufactured in our facilities.

What is the active ingredient in the Oxygen Bleach Plus, and how is it safer than traditional chlorine-based bleach?

The primary active ingredient in our Oxygen Bleach Plus is sodium percarbonate, a natural source of hydrogen peroxide. We consider hydrogen peroxide to be a safer alternative to the chlorine bleach so often used in conventional household cleaners.

Is the packaging for Biokleen household products recyclable and/or sustainable?

Biokleen packaging is considered recyclable in most recycling systems that accept plastic bottles or paper. The number can be found on the bottom of the bottles (1 – PET or 2 – HDPE depending on the container). The laundry powder boxes are recyclable as well. Concentrated Biokleen products can reduce the amount of plastic and paper used, reducing waste and creating a sustainable option to products that use too much water and fillers. Biokleen uses recycled content or light-weighted material whenever possible for plastic containers less than 5 gal.

What does 3x concentrate mean?

Biokleen was the first natural brand to introduce concentrated products to reduce packaging waste and reduce energy used in shipping. Since then many companies have introduced 2X, 3X, and even 4X concentrated laundry products. We stand behind our 3X concentration formulas for their superior effectiveness and value- Our cost per load continues to cost less than most others.

Are Biokleen products “toxic” or “hazardous”?

No. Some cleaning products warnings on their Material Safety Data Sheets as well as high ratings for toxicity. No Biokleen products are considered toxic, reactive or flammable as defined by OSHA standards. Biokleen Material Safety Data Sheets have been prepared by a third party.

Product Safety

Are Biokleen produts safe for my pipes and septic tank?

Yes! Plus, our Bac-Out Drain Care and Bac-Out Septic Care products are recommended for occasional maintenance of drains, pipes, septic tanks, garbage disposals and more.

Are Biokleen products safe to use around my pets?

Of course! All Biokleen products are safe for use around pets, pet areas, and surfaces with which pets typically come into contact. Our formulas pose no danger to animal skin, fur or feathers, but all excess amounts should be wiped away clean with a cloth and/or warm water.

Are Biokleen products safe to use around babies and children?

Yes, but always keep household cleaning products out of reach of children. A person may experience some minor irritation if a product gets into their eyes, but this can be treated by thoroughly flushing the eyes out with cool or lukewarm warm water until the irritation ceases. Should he or she ingest a Biokleen product orally, simply pour a glass of water or milk for dilution, then immediately call your pediatrician or the American Association of Poison Control Centers hotline at 1 (800) 222-1222.

Are Biokleen products safe for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities?

Biokleen products are great for those concerned with chemical sensitivities and allergies. Our Free & Clear laundry and dish washing formulas are great for those with chemical concerns who are seeking to avoid even naturally-derived fragrances.

Product Use and Best Practices

Can the Natural Dish Liquids be used in an automatic dishwasher?

No. Our Automatic Dish Powders and Automatic Dish Gel are specifically formulated to work in both high-efficiency and standard dishwashing machines. Likewise, our Natural Dish Liquids are designed to target dishes washed exclusively by hand.

Sometimes after running my dishwasher, I notice a white, powedery residue on my dishes. What is causing this?

There is a good chance too much product is being used, resulting in the leftover powder. (You’ll find that our Automatic Dish Powders are so concentrated and hard-working that only a very little makes for a very, very big clean.) Simply run the rinse cycle through once to remove any excess product, and then reduce the amount used in your next washing. If the issue is caused by hard water, however, try adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar as a rinse aid.

What is the difference between the Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner and the All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate?

Both products contain the same highly effective, non-toxic ingredients. However, our Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner comes ready-to-roll (and with a targeted sprayer function), while our All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is made to combine with water for gallons and gallons of light, moderate and heavy-duty cleaning action.

What is the difference between the Soy Cream Cleaner and Soy Toilet Cleaner?

Both Soyblends® products draw on the incredible cleaning power of soy to break down tough, built-up grease and grime. Soy Cream Cleaner is made for surfaces requiring gentler scrubbing action, such as ceramic, porcelain, linoleum, fiberglass and tile, and is great for use on countertops, stoves, tubs and showers, outdoor furniture, barbeques, and more. Soy Toilet Cleaner contains extra plant-based micro-scrubbers to buff away caked-on waste and stains as essential mint oils deodorize the bowl.

Which Biokleen product is recommended to wash my car?

Several Biokleen products are great for washing cars, motorcycles, bikes, lawn mowers, and more. However, we suggest our All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, since it’s tough on grease, great for multiple surfaces, and makes dozens of gallons of washing fluid. For added window shine, try our Glass Cleaner.

Can the Soy Cream Cleaner be used on a ceramic stovetop?

Yes! Soy Cream Cleaner is terrific but gentle on ceramic stovetop surfaces, but our All Purpose Cleaner (in Concentrate or Spray & Wipe) works wonders, as well.

Can the Citrus Soy Solvent or Soy Lube SL-100 be used on greasy clothing strains?

While Citrus Soy Solvent and Soy Lube SL-100 are terrific degreasers for hard surfaces, we recommend All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser or Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner be used for grease stains on clothes. Citrus Soy Solvent is great for removing tar and gum.

Can the Soy Lube SL-100 be used for heavy duty/industrial lubrication needs?

Yes, Soy Lube SL-100 can be used for many heavy duty and industrial needs. For more information and guidance, please call a Biokleen Customer Service Representative at (800) 477-0188.

Can I use Biokleen HE-compatible laundry detergents in my standard washing machine?

In support of eco-friendly and money-saving technologies, all Biokleen laundry products are specifically formulated to work in high-efficiency (HE) washing machines, but they are safe and effective for use in standard washers, as well. Use and care instructions for HE and standard loads are on the label.

Which Biokleen product is best for natural stone?

We suggest our All Purpose Cleaner (in Concentrate or Spray & Wipe) for most natural stone surfaces and our Bac-Out Multi Surface Floor Cleaner. It’s always a good idea to test a new product on a surface (in a small, inconspicuous area) before saturation.

Which Biokleen product is safest and most effective on wood surfaces?

For sealed, water-safe wood surfaces and floors, we recommend using our Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner with live enzyme cultures and citrus extracts. Simply spray a large area or targeted site, then wipe with a clean cloth, mop or sponge. For caked-on soils and odors, let sit two minutes. No need to rinse with water.

What is the difference between All Temperature Laundry Powders and Premium Laundry Powder?

While the All Temperature Laundry Powder is highly effective and a popular choice, the Premium Laundry Powder contains live enzyme cultures, extra oxygen bleach, and is even more concentrated for use on heavily soiled textiles and fabrics. For example, Premium Laundry Powder is often recommended by cloth diaper moms, painters and gardeners!

Which Biokleen laundry product is recommended for homes with hard water?

All Biokleen Laundry Liquids and Powders perform well in most water conditions, including hard water. For further assistance in softening your water, however, add our chlorine-free Oxygen Bleach Plus regularly as needed.

How do I clean my heavily soiled cloth diapers best?

Be sure to remove any excess waste first before treating heavily soiled cloth diapers. Then, using our Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover, fully saturate the affected areas and let sit for 10 minutes or even overnight. For best results, launder in hot water with Premium Plus Laundry Powder.

Should I dilute the Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover before using it?

No. Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover is made ready-to-go for ease of use and high product efficacy. And while we do not recommend diluting Bac-Out before you saturate specific areas, many customers (including cloth diaper moms) have had great results from soaking their soiled fabrics and other materials in Bac-Out and water overnight.

Is Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover safe to use on wool rugs?

Yes! Of course, as with any textile or fabric, check the item’s colorfastness (in an inconspicuous area) before application.