Summer Activities: How to Survive Summer as a Parent with Kids

Do you remember that feeling as a kid when the bell rang on the last day of school? Freedom. Spontaneity. No homework. The possibilities felt endless.

As a parent, it’s a little bit different. The school year, while hectic, is predictable. You know where your kids will be on most days. Summer is much more open and unpredictable, which can be difficult on parents for numerous reasons.

Some parents feel anxious about the summer. It can be a challenge and a lot to handle. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. While some kids go straight into summer sport camps for football, basketball, baseball, soccer and lacrosse, others might struggle to find something that interests them.

“I’m bored,” your kids might say. You might hear it often.

At biokleen, we’re here to make life easier. If there are no sports on the calendar and you need to entertain your kids — or maybe a group of neighborhood kids — don’t worry. Here are some fun, earth-conscious games to keep kids entertained and active.

Recycling Catch

There is an unnecessary amount of plastic waste, so let's do our part by upcycling the next milk jug and keeping it out of the landfills. Ask each parent to bring a milk jug or any jug for this activity.

  •  Make sure your jug is clean
  •  Cut the bottom of the jug, only leaving the top and the handle to hold
  • Safety is always first, so sand down the edges with sandpaper or a file to protect from sharp areas. Use duct tape over the edges if you cannot get it smoothed out.

That's it! You can play catch and use the jug as a makeshift mitt. It’s fun to see what you can snag. Now grab a ball and watch those kids play with an innovative toy. It’s a fantastic lesson of "you can do more with less." Don't forget to recycle after use, though if you used duct tape, remove it first before recycling.

A Litter Race

Sometimes a little competition goes a long way. Start by dividing teams (or it could be 1v1) for a litter race. Give each team gloves and trash bags and set a time limit. Whoever has collected the most trash after the desired time runs out is the winner. You can weigh the bags or judge by yourself to declare the winner.

This race is an excellent way to teach kids to have fun while encouraging responsibility to keep this earth clean and why it’s essential to dispose of waste properly.

Clothes Cleanup

With plenty of outdoor time, summertime can lead to tons of stains on children’s clothing. After the fun, try any of our laundry detergents or powders for a thorough clean. Whether it’s our Citrus Laundry LiquidLavender Lily Laundry Liquid, or even Fragrance-Free Laundry Liquid for those with sensitivities, biokleen has your back. If you need to get extra clean and target those sweat stains, check out Biokleen Sport Laundry Liquid or add a scoop of Biokleen Oxi Bleach Plus.

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