How Do Dryer Sheets Reduce Static Cling?

Have you ever pulled your clothes from the dryer only to be zapped with a little static shock? You’re not alone.

Much like rubbing your socks on a carpet, a tumble dryer moves all your clothes around, resulting in a transfer of electrons between laundry items as they bump together. This friction leads to a positive or negative charge, and hence, you might feel a zap when your body reacts with the charged clothing.

What is the purpose of Dryer Sheets?

To reduce static cling, add a fresh scent and make your clothes feel softer.

How Dryer Sheets Get Rid of Static?

Dryer sheets stop static cling by absorbing static electricity formed by different fabrics during your dryer cycle. The fabric softeners that coat dryer sheets are positively charged ions to balance the electrons and ions that cause static cling, leaving you with soft clothes without the static.

How do Dryer Sheets Make Clothes Softer?

The heat of the dryer alters the softening compounds found in your dryer sheet. As it bounces around your dryer, tossing and turning with your clothes, the compounds transfer to the fabrics and give clothes a smoother feeling, which helps keep lint and hair from landing and sticking to clothes.

Our Favorite Dryer Sheet

We love the smell of Biokleen’s Lavender Dryer Sheets. Not only do they remove static and make our clothes smell great, but Biokleen uses biodegradable ingredients, never tests on animals and manufactures it in the United States. Those are all wins in our book. If you have sensitivities, use our Fragrance-Free Dryer Sheets that reduce static cling and makes clothes softer.

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